• All former students of MHS automatically qualify to be members of the Alumni

  • Participation in the Alumni activities and membership is voluntary

  • Former students must give consent to be included as Alumni member

Cessation of Membership

  • The Executive Committee after receiving recommendation from Ethic and Disciplinary Committee shall have the right to terminate the membership of any member if it is considered that such person is guilty of conduct detrimental to the best interest of the Association

  • Cessation of membership of the Alumni shall entail forfeiture of all rights and benefits of the Alumni

Resignation and Re-admission

  • A member may resign from the Alumni by submitting a written resignation to the Executive Committee

  • A person who has resigned may be re-admitted at discretion of the Executive Committee


General Assembly

The GA is the highest decision making body of the Alumni. It will be held during the month of August/September each year and all members of the Alumni are entitled to attend. The date of the next GA will be announced at the end of the Assemble


Its responsibilities are:

  • Appoints and give mandate to the Executive Committee for sanctioning

  • Appoints auditors and approves audited financial statement and annual budget

  • Approves policies and programs

Special General Assembly

A special GA can only be organized once in two years under the following conditions:

  • The Executive Committee neglected their duties and implemented programs outside their mandate

  • On Condition that a petition is received from 50% + 1 from its members

Executive Committee

  • The Committee shall be responsible for the oversight of the Alumni in accordance with this Constitution

  • Maximum of five (5) Executive Committee and three (3) additional members

  • Executive Committee will be elected once in every three (3) years at the General Assembly

  • The Executive Committee shall be composed and consist of the following office bearers

    • The Chairperson
    • The Deputy-Chairperson
    • The General Secretary
    • The Deputy General Secretary
    • The Treasurer
  • The Executive Committee holds the mandate to formulate policies and regulations in support of the Constitution and its objectives which aim to regulate matters dealing with the functions of committee members, awards, development programs, finances, and membership

  • Such policies and regulations shall be ratified by the GA

  • The Executive Committee may delegate any of its mandate for the implementation of any of its resolutions

  • A resolution in writing, signed by the Chairperson and General Secretary shall be valid and effective as if it has been passed at a meeting of the Executive Committee duly convened and held

Amendment of Constitution

The constitution may only be amended as follows:

  • Notice of such proposed amendment must be received in writing by the Executive Committee at least one (3) months prior to the General Assembly

  • Such submission must be supported by 50% + 1

  • Members shall be given an opportunity to raise any objections or suggestions a month before the General Assembly

Adoption of the Constitution

  • The Executive members adopted this constitution