The name of the association is Mhlangana High School Alumni Association (hereafter referred to as Alumni, to be registered as Non Profit Company


  • Alumni refer to former students of MHS

  • MHS refers to Mhlangana High School

  • General Assembly (GA) this is highest decision governing body of the Alumni

  • Awards refer to awards given to individuals in recognition of their outstanding performance and contributions to the society in general

  • Alumni chapter refers to Alumni organized into chapters in a specific region or province whose relationship with the MHS is formalized

  • Executive Committee refers to committee responsible for the oversight of the Association



The Alumni of Mhlangana High School aimed at

  • Creating a platform where members of the Alumni can help develop Mhlangana High School students

  • Inspire school students to excel in their academic work, arts and sport as well as entrepreneurs

  • Share learning opportunities with students and in between members of the Alumni

  • Cultivate culture of Ubuntu and responsibility amongst members and students

  • Support destitute students who excel in their Matric to register in the best possible higher learning institution of their choice

  • Recognize and Award excellent performance amongst students

MHSAA Executive
Dr Edwin Mnisi 0766129797
Beezwell Mnisi 0824826379
Erica Zitha 0847772700
Pansy Theko 0844601609
Dep Secretary
Ezekiel Ndlovu 0722389794
Addional Members
Queen Malele 0761303790
Simmy Mashaba 0828339555
Quintin Zwane 0793049374
Admin Task Team
Erica Zitha 0847772700
Team Leader
Beezwell Mnisi 0824826379
Dr Don Monareng 0829051081
Dr Edwin Mnisi 0766129797
Adv Rhulani Tivani 0727986262
Letty Nziyane 0835188258
Pansy Theko 0844601609
Oupa Mathebula 0722541585
Prince Mnisi 0728466183
Quintin Zwane 0793049374
Simmy Mashaba 0828339555
Finance Committee
Ezekiel Ndlovu 0722389794
Team Leader
Robert Mhlongo 0826758299
Marvel Ngobeni 0783598388
Owen Ndlovu 0736451560
Bessie Mgiba 0828125152
Nomsa Mathebula 0765711876
Mihleketo Ndlovu 0817459235
The Alumni fulfills its purpose by, inter alia, achieving the following objectives
  • Reviving culture of learning and teaching

  • Ignite interest in Sports and Creative Art in MHS

  • Bring together wealth of knowledge, resources from members of Alumni

  • Attracting and retaining Alumni through value proposition

  • Creating and maintaining a comprehensive stratified Alumni database

  • Creating an effective platform for networking opportunities

  • Enhancing brand eminence and encouraging Alumni to be ambassadors for the MHS

  • Creating and promoting a leadership index as a product differentiating of MHS

  • Leveraging Alumni for the financial benefit of MHS students

  • Giving Alumni the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction of MHS

  • Advising the MHS on developing best practices in relation to strategic leadership

  • Providing opportunities for Alumni to contribute towards the vision and mission of MHS